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Sliders A11 Lexan Model

Lexan inserts tightly secured with aluminum extrusions presents a clear view of your premise. It presents a clear view of your store.

Sliders 50/50 Series

A combination of Lexan at the top and perforated at the bottom. It provides full security to your store giving your storefront a distinctive new look.

Sliders A14 Open Model

This model is an open concept that has a sleek look to it. It allows a refreshing airflow throughout your store, offering you a safe and secure storefront.

Sliders A12 Perforated Model

Extruded aluminum, allowing refreshing airflow while minimizing visibility from outside. It is a high-security sliding grille.


With over 30 years of experience servicing and installing sliding grille, Sliders Storefront manufacturing Inc. We continue to set our goals, as Canada’s most trusted specialty door company. We are excited to announce that our state of the art research and tech department has developed – and perfected – groundbreaking innovations in sliding grille technologies. The results, which we are now ready to share with our customers and prospective clients, will modernize the entire sector, and, your door servicing needs.


Sliding and folding storefront grilles equip Toronto businesses with easy (but secure) access control. Barriers offer a high degree of visibility and deter crime as a result. However, when not in use a sliding or folding grille tucks away discretely. This way, grilles don’t detract from the visible appearance of storefronts during business hours.

When used to secure properties, sliding and folding grille designs are neat in appearance. Grilles are also ultra-secure. Specifically, thanks to durable, yet discrete locking mechanisms.

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We offer the best solution to security issues. Choose from a variety of selections to give your premise reliable protection that it deserves.


From inquiry to installation, we are always here to guide you through the whole process. You will realize how easy it is to get your premise protected.


We appreciate the uniqueness of your premise and demand, and we will offer you the best possible solution based on your requirement.

How to choose the RIGHT model?

Side Folding 1

Side-folding grilles maintain storefront aesthetics by being discrete and sideways expandable. Grilles boost storefront security, while only requiring a small amount of wall space for anchoring and placement of grille pockets.


Accordion folding grillesprovide Toronto businesses with a secure barrier against thieves, road debris, and vandals. Ideal for urban retail applications, grilles enhance premises security without compromising storefront aesthetics.


Sliding grilles can be customized by us to match any height, width, and / or degree of curve of your Toronto storefront. We offer a wide variety of grille design options, all of which are discrete and aesthetically eye-catching.

Key Features

Easy acess control

Optional level of visibility

Customizable configurations

Heavy duty track

Floor sockets

Reliable security

Elegant appearance

Long lasting

Easy operating

Secure sliding curtains

Low maintenance


Airports Security Enclosures

Airports Security Enclosures

High traffic areas like airports maximize lighting by utilizing open plan interior designs.

Pharmacy Security Gates

The strongest protection for inside valuables, while still granting a high degree of visibility.

Pharmacy Security Gates

Shopping Malls

Maintaining the airflow and visibility you need, removing the safety concerns you dislike.

Storefront Security

Sliding grille and gate systems maximize storefront security in urban areas and city centers.

Storefront Security

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Very clean and professional installation. I am very happy with the job. Will definitely recommend Sliders Grilles!

-- Simon Jackson

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Quotation 01

Very professional and knowledgeable advisors, they helped me pick the most suitable model and guided me through the ordering process. The grille ended up serving my needs perfectly.

-- Mary Keller

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Quotation 01

Configurations were professionally customized, fits perfectly well with my store, and really exceeded my expections.

-- Darren Lawrence

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The function and design of our new sliding grilles system both corrects the flawed models currently in circulation while providing many needed improvements, and at an even more economical price scale. Our revolutionized system includes and easy turn of the key locking system, a unique one piece roller system that guarantees rollers stay in one place and continue to function as new. What is more, our one-piece roller system are longer lasting stronger then any currently on the market. But this is not all. We have also eliminated tempered glass and replaced it with polycarbonate (Lexan) inserts with a side ribbing system, eliminating broken glass, which is one of the most called in service problems we have had and leading threat to security. What this means is that Sliders Storefront Manufacturing Inc, now offers the highest quality, innovative and virtually maintenance-free grilles on the market and do so with the most economical price in the sector.



As part of our service, Sliders Storefront Manufacturing Inc, custom manufacture flexible, lightweight aluminum grilles suitable for a variety of commercial deployments. Accordion folding and sliding grilles can be custom fabricated by us for use in hospitals, hotel lobbies, offices, and even public schools, malls, airport.

Lightweight aluminum and easy to operate great designs can also be colored and finished to match the existing decor of any commercial setting.